Transition: CBS 8 App Reviews

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Wont even load

I have had the app for awhile, and I wanted to load it to stop getting breaking alerts about the Chargers, and all it says is that it cant connect to the Internet even though other apps are working fine.

Its OK, nothing great

Would like more updates during the day, and maybe news stories split into different sections based on location.


There are problems with this update. Needs work. I give it three stars because it was a nice app before the update.

New update stinks. Had to remove app

The app was great until the latest update. Now it continually freezes on ads and will not move at all....even after re-starting the iPad. I just had to delete the app. Someone needs to fix their mess.

Its really great

When they notify one ASAP!

Good coverage

As ever ... Channel 8 delivers good coverage.

News 8 is great, but...

Theres no way getting around the ads! I deleted the app and will stick to their internet site.

Really good news app

Very happy with this app. Like the ease of scrolling through the news and menu options.

Does not work

Since the update it will not open


Id rather pay for the news than have scrolling ads in the stories Im reading. Really? Ads embedded in the story?

No Thanks

Generally a good news app, but the unavoidable 30 second commercials before the news clips is a deal breaker. Delete.


worthless garbage! do NOT download this terrible app, its never updated with current news and extremely user unfriendly. news 8 heres a tip, check out some of the other news apps and try to mimic those. maybe hire a new developer, just sayin!!!....and DELETED!!!

Needs work

App does not make any sound when they post an alert. We need a sound to be notified how else would we know there is an alert! Needs a lot more work. Great news team but poor App

Go-to news app

Love this app! I use it daily to read current local news.

Used to be a great news app

I used to like this app a lot but now it is so overrun with ads that its pretty worthless in my opinion. You end up accidentally clicking ads that are listed right along with the news stories, which, is really annoying. Especially as I go out of my way to NOT click ads. They even have them disguised in the pictures. It will list 4 pictures but as you swipe through them, you discover that 1 or 2 of them are actually ads. 10news has become my goto app for local news.

No longer functional

This used to be my favorite news app, but the ads make my screen freeze all the time. I dont have the same issue with any other local news apps. Its way too frustrating to use now. Fix it and Ill come back.

Too many ads!!!!

This could be a great news app if it wasnt polluted with so many advertisements; the worst I have ever seen. Uninstalled. Please fix!!!

What happened?

Its been two days and nothing has been updated in the news I have to go to either one of your competitors to find out what is going on. You used to be up to date with what happened thinking of deleting your app. its no where near the quality it is to be. Would not recommend anybody to download this app at this time.

Poor design

I have all of the local news apps for San Diego and this is the only one that annoys me because of its poor design. For some reason it feels like the stories should be above the headline so everytime I visit this site I naturally click on the wrong link and the story that pops up is not the one I intended. Even the local news apps for Los Angeles and for national news all work intuitively for me. This was is not visually laid out very well at all. Channel 10 has a great design and I recommend it over this app if you want local news

Old news

They dont update their news stories often enough and they seem to copy news 10 which in my opinion is a better local news app.