Transition: CBS 8 App Reviews

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Wont even load

I have had the app for awhile, and I wanted to load it to stop getting breaking alerts about the Chargers, and all it says is that it cant connect to the Internet even though other apps are working fine.


I deleted my last local news app (Channel 10) after they "updated". Their update was difficult to use and confusing. I decided to try Channel 8 and I love it. PLEASE keep the layout the same!! Dont change a good thing. User friendly and easy to track traffic and weather. I would highly recommend this app.

News not included or up to date

911pm news is touted every night with stories that seldom, if ever, appear in this. Other stories old....a near complete lack of Maintenance. In other words, worthless.

Super Annoying

Zonk. If you want a local news app that thinks its E! or TMZ; if you want to get a notification for every Grammy Award, but none about local news, then this is the app for you.

Great app!

I love the new coverage on local cbs 8!

The Best.

Its quick, easy and accurate. Love the email alerts!

News and weather

Channel 8 news and weather is simply the best of all the others


Love News 8 only channel we watch for news they get to the point.

Waste of time

Not sure what happened to what was once a good news app. All it seems to be now is old news, even weeks/months old stories still on the home page. Time for a makeover.

Does what it says

I enjoy getting notifications from this app. I have no issues with it so far. Great to use when youre out and about.

Very informative

Kids hog up the tvs now a days so this is the next best thing.

Quick and easy to use

New to SD. So far the app is just fine.

New version pops up ads

Hate the fact when you launch you immediately get an ad. Not worth it Ill use another San Diego news app.

Enjoy this channel

I have enjoyed Channel for at least 45 years. I watch it when I am in San Diego and get updates on my phone now that I am in Cheyenne, WY.

Much better

Theyve come a long way w/ the latest version. Better layout and user experience.

Commercial in front of EVERY VIDEO

Could be a lot better, way too many video adds, more ads than stories, really a junk pile.

Dont love it...

Some days there are no new stories, and when I do actually get a news alert on my phone, the story is nowhere to be found on the app.

Ads are getting worse

This app has a super annoying splash ad before they show any news. You have to close it to see the news. The display is bad and usually outdated and stale. Sports is a day old!!

Video Stalls

Most of the time, news videos stall after playing about one second. At that point they cannot be restarted. Quite frustrating to try to use.

Mandatory update so they can push ads on you!!!

So you cant use the previous version. They make you update the app. Then when you expect a better app, they have an app filled with ads. Good job news 8!